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How to Make Animation in Adobe Animate Part 1

Hello Guys, this time i want to make Animation in Adobe Animate ( An) First i will make Character, use rectangle or circle, don't forget to active Object Drawing (J) and Onion Skin. If you done make your Character step 1, Select your Character and click right on your Mouse and find Distribute to Layer,

Select character like up picture
if you find that Click the Distribute to Layer, and your find in your layer more than before, name all you layer. I put my Character in here 

If you done name all you layer, go to body layer, move the body, don't the body go too far, like this

The body move not far with the original place

add frame and move body again this time the body can go a bit far, add frame again, and move the body far, and add frame again move body far, and add frame, and the body stop, now you can play the animation, the body was motion, but the animation not good, because the head, and arm doesn't move, how to move head?.

That very easy, the head follow where the body move, 

The head, and arm not far with the original place
but don't forget add frame every time it moves. Now how to move arm, the work was same with the head, but the hand can move according to your taste, but hand still follow the body. 

All right now your animation can move, and motion, next time i will make ' how to make zoom with V-cam in Adobe animate'. and all see you guys.

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