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How Does Computer Work??.

 Hello guys i want to discuss about computer 'How Does Computer Work??' all right let's go start.


Computers can't work using only Hardware. To able do all fun in your computers need Software, so that you can do all fun in your computer.

Software tells the Hardware what to do and how to do. For example, Adobe Animate, Krita, Reading Programs, And Games is also might types of Software. Now confess in your computer had Software??, if not had Software you can't make in your computer fun like in playground. 

This is Software name: 3D Viewer

Operating System.

Operating System is the most Important that runs on your computer. It lets the computers hardware and software work together. If not have Operating System, your computer is can't do nothing in your computer. Operating System is like Microsoft Windows, Apple's Mac OS. So that your understand Operating System is like home, and the furniture is Software, yeah that's it. 

I'am use Microsoft Windows for my Operating System in my Computer

Internet Browser.

Using Internet Browser lets you explore the internet to found many information like Pictures, Videos, and webpages. Internet Browser is like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozzila Fire Fox, and Microsoft Edge. If in your Computer not have Internet Browser you can't donwload Adobe Animate, and Also game, if you download in Play Store if you use Windows you can download game in Microsoft Store.

My Browse name is Microsoft Edge

Application Programs

Applications Programs do many diffrent things, for example, Microsoft Word and Google Docs are both word processing programs let you write book report, Essays, and Stories. For Example, Microsoft Power Point and Google Slides. 

This is PowerPoint

Antivirus Software.

Antivirus Software protects your computer for Virus Computer so that is doesn't get computer virus. 

Just like flu viruses get people sick, computer viruses make your computer sick. Computer virus can damage information on your computer if you don't have good antivirus software.

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