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How to Make Zoom with V-cam in Adobe Animate

Hello Guys welcome back to my blog now i want to make ' zoom with V-cam in Adobe animate', if you see my previously blog 'How to make V-cam in adobe animate' and 'How to make animation in adobe animate', you know what is the V-cam and method how to make V-cam. And just now i want to make Zoom with V-cam in Adobe animate, and now in your animation can zoom in and zoom out, how to make, easy, look this step.

How to make V-cam.

First open www.elmanraiyan.com, and go to comment, copy the code, and open Adobe animate. Open your animation, and make rectangle, if you done make a rectangle, the color white, and alpha to 10%,
select your rectangle and see in Propoties, change the width and higth, same to your stage, if you to change W and H same with your W and H in your stage, click the stage and see in propoties, click DOC and you can see now what is your W and H stage.

Select again your rectangle and, type the W and H same with your stage. If you done type that, now you work is, make symbol to the Rectangle, change Type to Movie Clip, registration to middle and click ok, now you work just this double click to your rectangle, choose window and select action, paste the code and select Scene 1 to back to your stage.

How to move/up/down/left and big or small V-cam.

Very Easy, add frame F5 as much as you want. If you stop add frame F5, F6 whatever you want, and in the middle Frame click right on F6 frame
and click Classic tween, in F6 frame move/up/down/left and big or small, don't forget to add picture/animation in your stage. Wan't your v-cam move or whatever smooth, click purple frame and go to Propoties, click frame, and now you see in frame has tweening, click pencil in the frame,

and if you want to smooth your v-cam this is the picture.

All right guys thank you for everyone see my blog, i'am sorry if i not help. If you want More Clear, you can go to youtube alan becker tutorial.

This is the Result

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