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How to object move in Scratch, ( Level Beginner )

Oke so now i want to make game in Scratch 3.0, that very easy, this is for beginner level 1. Yeah so now i was discuss about make Game in scratch, who want to make game, i can't see you up hand.

1. if you want your character (object) is move right and left or up and down, that very easy for done that, so how to move your object or character is move, first go to event, 

you can see in line 1 in event is when flag clicked, click that and drag to the stage right in code place. But anything is not work object is can't move, whathappened???...., this happend because you just drag when flag clicked, if you want your object is move, go to control, in line 3 have text forever....., drag that to under the when flag clicked, but no stop in just in here, stay in control. 

In line 4 and 5 has if...then and if...then.....else, what we choose???..... line 4 because we just needed if...then, drag it under forever, go to sensing in line 7 you can found text key space pressed?, drag that, to if...then, from if...then, change the text to if the key space pressed? then, you can change the space to right or D. So in text if key right pressed? then, then what???.... so go to motion line 10, drag text change x by 10, the text must be change like this "when flag clicked forever if key right pressed? then change x by 10", so your object can move right.

2. So how to object move to left????. that was easy, just duplicate "if then key right pressed? then change x by 10" drag that to under "if then key right pressed? then change x by 10",

and change key right pressed to left also change x by -10.

3. If move is very fast, you can change that to medium fast, this the method, change x by 10 to 5 or 4,

All right that was how to Make Object move in scratch, this is very easy for beginner level 1, in next time InsyaAllah i make part 2.

Oh yeah i have animation in youtube, you can watch that in my channel Elman Raiyan. " hey instead of in your last blog ( his mean is 'how to add sound in adobe animate' you allready write this???..",..... ( silent!!), " yeah i know that" me say, " but i not write in here my description!!!!!" i screaming. " ohhh...yeah i forget, don't forget to subscribe my channel".


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