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Want to Make Money by Drawing?? This Is The Site.

24 November 2021, 11:06 A.M

Hello Guys, who want to make money????, maybe all in the world want that, but it different method with other method people many use, this method just drawing, just drawing you can make money???, Many People maybe is not know drawing is can make money, ohh so good for who can drawing, this is the good news!!!. 

1. PNGTree.com.

This is the first site i know, i know this site from ounty. My Ounty is sent his picture to this site, and until this year,  my Ounty is got 100$, what an amazing. PNGTree.com is founded in 2016 year. How to get Money in this site??. This is Method. So if one person download your picture, you got 1$, and if the person download 3 picture, you got 3$, but each people just can download 3 picture maximal, more than 3 picture, the person who download your picture i can't download your picture, but the next day, the person can download your picture again!. You should sent your picture in this site and you can make money.                         



This is second site i know from my father, but my father is not sent picture in Etsy yeah, my father is can't draw. Etsy is founded in 18 Juni 2005, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, America. This is the last site i know, but this is different with PNGTree method. The Etsy Method is like this, you drawing and sent your picture to Etsy, you should pay to sell your picture to become a shirt, cup, or other, you can see yourself to check it. You can make money more than PNGTree, you can price it self.


Ok the blog is just here, you can search another site in google search, if you interests to enter the site where i write in this blog, you just search about more information about Etsy, and PNGTree.com, you also compared which better Etsy or PNGTree.com in youtube. Thank you for all. Maybe i can know more Site than this.

                                                                              Thank  You

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