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Which Better, Adobe Animate or Flipaclip

So in this blog i want to discuss about who better adobe animate or flipaclip, so.... yeah i'am begin the blog.

Adobe animate, is the good aplication to make animations, but Flipaclip is good to to make animations, so what we choose to make animation???.

1.tool use every aplications

In Adobe animate is very much tools to you use to make animations, the tool is you use every day maybe is brush or pencil or maybe paint bucket, so how with Flipaclip, Flipaclip is very less tool, maybe i think first i used that is....(think), aha... ya, in Flipaclip just have maybe 2 or 3, and in flipaclip tool is you use every day is brush look like pen. 1 score for Adobe animate.

2.Price applications.

Adobe animate is buy, you must be buy it, to get Adobe animate, but Adobe animate price so expensive, but how with Flipaclip, Flipaclip you can got free, so is very good for the begginer if no want to spent his money to buy adobe animate. 1 Score for Flipaclip, flapped hand.

Soo just that i know about Adobe animate and Flipaclip. But is more information could you read in google search, so you can choose Adobe Animate, Or Flipaclip.

In here i just add more paragraph maybe 1 or 2 for bonus Blog.

Maybe Adobe animate uses is very many people, why so???, because, adobe animate is trusting for many people where use adobe animate, but in here i just not to choose Adobe animate than Flipaclip, Flipaclip is good, is not pay, but is free, is very good for you if not want to buy adobe animate.

I just want to story.

In the first i know about animations, i was choice the best applications is was Flipaclip, in my mother phone i was download flipaclip free, and i making a simple animations and share it to my mother group. Until i was say to my father to download Flipaclip in pc. But this is the Problem why i use adobe animate, not Flipaclip, because my father say to me "flipaclip is can't download to pc, just for android!" my father says. I was very disappointed, because i can't download Flipaclip in my Pc, but i don't give up to search applications animations in google search. But i don't found anything is good for me, and i depressed again. But i was know now, Alan becker, my favorite animators is make animations with Adobe Animate, so i told to my father to download Adobe Animate, in here the problem start. The adobe animate price is too exspensive, but my father is search in tokopedia, and buy Adobe Animate with price inexspensive, so i was so happy, and i use that for the first time.

But now My Adobe Animate was lost, because my pc is too loud, so my father download windows 10 again, and Adobe Animate has been lost.

So yeah that's is the story about Who Better, Adobe Animate or Flipaclip, i don't forget to say, watch my animations in youtube, search Elman Raiyan, if you found stickman jump to the next grass, that's it my video, and the next video is maybe 1 week again, and good bye.

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