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Go To Bogor Valley Apartemen!!

 Hello Guys, Welcome Back to this blog, ElmanRaiyan.com, heheheheh!!!!. Go To Bogor Valley Apartemen???. Who's have Apartemen name 'Bogor Valley????', Write in Comment yeah!!!.

First i go to apartemen with my Father in day, " Wednesday December 2021", i go to apartemen, i live in BSD, so my father go with me, my father use car for go to Apartemen, yeah so i go to Bogor. But in Parung is Traffic Jam, so go to Apartemen is little bit takes more minutes to go Apartemen than the original. Even Though The Original is in BSD to Bogor just take 1-2 hours, but with Traffic Jam in Parung, is maybe takes more minutes than the original if not traffic jam in parung. 

But Finally i can reach to bogor valley apartemen. Actually, my father go to apartemen is want meet with rent, name Danu, now his rental time in Apartemen is Finished, Danu is say, " he buy a new home in bogor, so me not need this apartemen again", yahh my father is chat with mas Danu in apartemen, just a moment, because mas Danu want to go work in shoope factory. So My Father clean up the apartemen. The Apartemen is still look good, because mas Danu clean up the apartemen every week, so The apartemen is still look good, my father just need mop the floor, my father is mop the floor, so what i do???. I just Watch TV in apartemen, watch Spongebob The SquarePants, the story is very-very funny. 

Finally my father is finished mop the floor, and time to breakfast, my father order food in he phone, with application Grab, My father is buy Soto Mie Bogor, Soto Mie bogor is very-very yummy, the price 2 soto mie bogor with other food is just 19Rp, very cheap.

After finished eat my breakfast i continue watch spongebob, and my father want to break in bed. So my Father Break, i Watch Spongebob. My Father says after shalat ashar, we returned to home. After Shalat Ashar, my father and me go to down with lift, and sit in chair car, my father ride again to BSD, But Traffic jam again in parung, so it takes more minutes again than the original. After my father car can free from Traffic Jam, my father search coconut to drink it, but my father can't find it in bogor, so after i reach to home, my fahter buy coconut in BSD with Grab. And here we go the Coconut was arrives to home, in night my father got bread with alpukat in car, that's is small gifts in bogor, but the bread is very yummy.

So my blog end just here, Oh Yeah i forgot... but i not forgot about my video, subsricbe or like, but i just want to told, " tomorrow i go again to Bogor Valley Apartemen", and bye.

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