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How to Videos your Screen Computer

Hello Guys Welcome Back To My Channel. Oh yeah like in the Tittle, " How to Videos your Screen Computer ", Maybe among you who is read my blog is not know how to Video Your Screen Computer,
but if you know that it's okay to skip.

First is you must have Xbox Game Bar, in here i don't want to play game yeah, but this is important app, to video your Screen Computer, you can video you play game, or anything you want, so if you have that you click it, if you allready click that application, click in your keyboard same like this, Windows Picture to Open Start + Alt + R, Nah, you is allready video, if you ask, Any Other Way??. Yes, you just click it in capture look like circle, nah that's is Other way to Video you Screen Computer. 
So How to Stop Video??. That's was easy, if you see rectangle, have timer and blue Icon, to stop it, click the blue icon, so how to see your videos???,oh yeah after you click this text in your keyboard, " Windows Picture to Open Start + Alt + R ", click your screen computer, right. Nah So How to see your Video, To see your videos is the easy way, click again Xbox Game Bar, and in capture, have text like this, Show All Captures, and there is you video, but if you ask again how to Publish your video to youtube, i don't know that, so you can search that in google or other site yeah, but maybe in other day i will make how to publish your videos to youtube. But, you also don't need to open Xbox Game bar, Just 1 easy method, Click this letter in you keyboard, " Windows Picture to Open Start + Alt + R ", that is the easy way for video you screen keyboard.

Okay guys, before i end this blog, i want to say, if you not have Xbox in your computer, or laptop, you can download it yeah, if your computer is use operating system Microsoft, you just click microsoft store and write in search, " Xbox Game Bar", you also in Xbox can play Game. Xbox can play in tv, computer, and laptop, but maybe in playstore.google.com, you can't download it, this is just maybe right??, and if you ask again why i not make animations again and publish in youtube.

Is this the reason, " i can't make animations and publish in youtube, because......, my father is no time to download it again, hah because that i can't make animations again until my father download adobe animate again. o..... right, i end this blog in this paragraph, maybe 1 month again i make animations again (sigh). Bye and good bye.

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