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Make Animations In Adobe Animate 2022

 Hello, guys, My Adobe Animate is come back to my computer, But this is different, My last Adobe Animate is years 2021, But now i have Adobe Animate 20. Let's Cekidot.

Oh yeah i'am forgot, if you not have Adobe Animate 2022, is still ok to follow this tutorial. Ok in here tutorial, i want to explain how to make stickman kick ball, first open adobe animate 2021/2022, if you already opened Adobe Animate 2021/2022, nah click file and click new, and click whatever size canvas you want, but i recommended to click Full Hd, the size is ( Weight 1920, and Height is 1080 ), and make stickman stands in ground, so in here the tutorial start, oh yeah for the fps i choose 27 fps, yeah, active the onion skins, and and new frame click f5 reach 10x times,and after that click f6 in beside f5 frame, and make the motions, like in this picture.

after that click again f5 after that click f6 beside the f5, and make like this picture, 

after that click again f5 after that click f6 beside the f5, and make like this picture, the stickman already kick the ball, 
and to like that again to make frame, yeah, oh yeah you also can add ball, and make stickman like this, like in this picture i mean, 
after that you know what's i mean yeah. Make this picture in you frame, 
and after that you can add more frames, and many accessories, or many player stickman play, is also can make your animation is look cool, oh yeah, maybe next week i already make video again.

Okay the blog just in here, next week i notify i already send my animation to youtube yeah, and before that don't forget to share my video and subsrcibe yeah. Bye

                                                              Blog By : Elmanraiyan.com

Good Bye Everbody. 

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