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Fastest Checkmate In Chess.

Hello guys now i want to tell you about " Fastest Checkmate In Chess. ",  i have 2 Checkmate i'll serve in this blog.

1. Fastest Checkmate,

This is depends conditions because your enemy ( White ) must to open in f4, so is perfectly depend condition if White move f4 the checkmate will happened

. So Black has respons with opened e3 or e4,

  White move g5 may mean to opened bishop square black Bf6 ( Bishop f6 )

, so black have a stronger move, can you find the move??..... Yes right in Q5#, Checkmate.

Let's Got some Example another Stronger Checkmate not depends conditions,

2.Fastest Checkmate no depend conditions.

Now White will revenge her lose with another Checkmate, is was Stronger.

White move e4

and black has same respons is ,e5

White was see a good move, so White move her queen to Qf3 mean to attacked the weak pawn f7.

Black move d6 mean to protected her pawn,

so White move the Bishop Square Light to Bc4 means to protected White Queen to attack the weak pawn f7.

Black not have any sense, Black move pawn c5, White is having a Stronger Moves, Queen Capture weak pawn f7 and delivered a Fastest Checkmate no depend conditions.

So guys if you want to avoid the checkmate just move your horse to protected f7..... of course Ng6.

So what good to use??.... if you use number 1, is depend conditions, so you'll use number 2, the most checkmate i use in Chess.com, and most of them who get checkmate is no have sense anymore and get lose. 

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