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How to Draw Boat Sail in Adobe Animate

 How to Drawing, Boat Sail in Adobe Animate.

Hi Guys, today i'm want to drawing in Adobe Animate, i'll drawing a nice Boat Sail, why boat sail? stop asking question brother, you just disturb in my blog, hush...hush... i'll start the blog now.

Firsly, you must to opened An ( Adobe Animate), if you not opened An, how you can follow this tutorial? so opened the Adobe Animate, after you opened An, and made the new animation, let's we start, and we start, add some layer in the timeline, maybe.... 3 or 4, we need to use layer, because if not use layer, maybe is can be more hard for you than if you use layer, after add some layer to timeline, let's named the layers, make 3 name, sea, sky and Boat_Sail. Next is make sky, click rectangle in menu tool bar, we use gradient to make the beutiful sky, click linear gradient in color propeties, just take a look in this image.

Follow The Number

After following the image, let's next to make the sea, sea color don't need gradient, just use bright blue color, the important is you comfortable with the color blue bright or not, if you interesting add some gradient you can use it, but if not, don't use, all the step is making comfortable for you to see the drawing you make by yourself. So we done make the important of the boat sail drawing, Sea, let's we next to the next step, making Boat sail.

Follow the Number if you're Interesting to Add some Gradient

We still using Rectangle, make a nice rectangle for the body of Boat Sail, change the color rectangle to brown bright or dark brown, after make the nice rectangle, let's sharp the point of the rectangle, after sharp the point of rectangle, to make more easier, you can look below in these paraghraph.

sharp the point, like in this picture

Next make the pole of the Boat Sail, pole is the important thing to make the sail for next step. Make the pole with Line Tool (L), in brown color, make the stroke size to 25, if the pole is thick, the pole'll flew away by wind in the sea, so if you want to make a strong Boat Sail, you need to make the pole stroke stronger.

If you done make the pole, the end step is make the flag sail, haaciu... sorry me's flu now, make the flag sail with rectangle, use crem color, and make the crem color to bright, if you comfortable with the crem bright color, let's make nice square, near to Boat Sail's Pole, after make the nice square, sharp the point to another point, with that we can make triangle, just look image below this word, too make it easy.

After make the first sail flag, let's make the second sail flag,the step is same with the first sail, but have a different. You can use triangle to make it, but we use rectangle tool, i don't want to make the second sail is easy, make a square, and sharp the point to another point, try to make a nice triangle, after done make the Triangle, all the steps that you follow, is done in here.... Hip...hip...Hurayy!!!.

Make a Triangle for the Second Sail Flag

I'll use the image for my club picture in chess.com, oh yeah, thanks for all. If you play chess.com, i'm very-very hope you want to enter my club, named ElmanGhaziReyyan. Bye-bye.

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