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Topic Eps-1

Hello guys! Welcome back to my blogger, yeah, now topic in my blogger look strange, but i made this blog just for fun. So try to make my blog fun.


I've think for many time about this, and i like some of them, especially Zeus. Are you know about Zeus? Zeus is an Ancient Greek, he was God of the sky, lightning, justice, law, and order, but i not trust that Zeus is a God anyway. Zeus is my favorite of all mythology. 

Zeus father named, Cronus (I think this is something crazy in the world), eaten all his kid. Fortunely, Cronus last child ( Zeus) has survived from death, cause his mother named, Rhea, has safe‎ Zeus from the death with hid Zeus in a cave on Mount Ida, Crete, and give her husband a stone that wrapped in swaddling clothes, Cronus think it was Zeus so Cronus eat it.

Zeus have a weapon that always with him, the weapon is lightning sword. I like Zeus weapon cause i also like a lightning.

Zeus with his lightning sword.

Why of all mythology i've like Zeus, it was cause Zeus've a lightning sword, if Zeus is not have the lightning sword, i'll not like him. Even, once him has another strong power. 


Do you like to read a fiction book? Maybe some of you will say yes and some again will say no. Personally, i like a book fiction especially mystery, also i like a book that is tell about a funny thing that human do, and i like book that telling history in the past, especially war history and mystery history.

I've read many novel or history book that language is Indonesian, it rare if i found a novel that served with English language. I not buy a book, but i read a book or novel in a library, of course a big library that contains many book and novel.

Sometime I've think to make a book or a short stories, making a book will give me a money whenever anyone buys, but i've no idea for making a book or a short stories. Fortunely, i've found my idea to make a short stories, like, World of Robot and The Crime of Qodsir. Of course, all of my short stories is just served Indonesian language, so just Indonesian people can read my short stories.


Camping, maybe some of you is like camping. Personally, i like to camping, but with a simple tools. Sometimes my father took my family to camping, but with many goods that can make me very-very stressed. You know that carry a tent can be hard (but i've relieved that my father tent is just a simple tent. My father is used a simple tent with Nature Hike merk, is not mean i want to advertised the merk) if the tent is a big and not simple as generally a simple tent, it's will be hard, ‎especially if the car is separated far from the camping area‎, Ukh... That's can be stressful bro.

For Suggest!!

I suggest to you to come to the camping area in weekday, not in weekend. If you come to the camping area in weekend, is might be fulled with another camper, i'm not forced you to doing my suggest.

Okay, back to the topic.

But if the tent is already stand, i can play something that i like, sometimes i play throw a pine fruit to my little brother, and my little brother will throwing back the pine fruit toward to me, hahahaha... That's very fun.

Also i can see a beutiful views that nature serve to me, like sunrise or sunset, you can't imagane how wonderful the view.

Sometimes i've think that is so strange that is people spend their time to go on mall, i've very hate go on mall, which I very-very hate for go to mall is the loudly sound, the loud sound is very disturb my ear, even can make me stressful, also if go to mall is not relaxing anymore. But if i go to camping, is not have any disturbing sound that can make me stressed. Otherwise the sound that nature serve is calm can make everybody relax. Bird singing wonderful, and another calm sound that is just have in nature.

Is not mean I like all camping spot, i very hate the camping spot that have many fly which is so disturbing, moreover the noise that flies make.

Also i hate the camping spot that have a sand dust, especially if a wind passes through the camping spot that have a sand dust, you can think what might be happen.

Okay, in here the topic is end, thank for you to spend your's time to read my blog, thankyou guys.

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