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How to Make Chat Game in Scratch 3.0 Part 1

 Hi, nice to meet you again. A good news, I've download Scratch 3.0 in yesterday. For celebration of my succes to download Scratch 3.0, I'll give simple tutorial for you.

If you not download Scratch 3.0 yet, you can download it in https://scratch.mit.edu/download, and wait for the Scratch 3.0 are ready.

You can get a character that is serve for scratcher, by clicking in a icon that have a cat with a add symbol. Here i've using Kiran for the character. To make your game is beutiful, you can add a background. I want to using a background in space, cuz Kiran is in space.

Drag ' When ­čĆ┤Clicked'. Next is click in looks and drag a code that text is ' say Hello for 2 seconds' beneath in the When flag Clicked code. Next go to Sensing, and click the code ' ask What's your name? and wait'. Then play it by clicking flag, your character will say:

Hello for two seconds, then.

Ask, what's your name?

And you answer it, anything.

You can type whatever you want in the answer column. Next is ( stay in sensing) drag code ask like "ask What's your name? and wait", go to operators and search a code " join apple banana", if you find it, drag it into the ask code in What's your name? Then change text apple to be " what's is your favorite?" and change the banana by: Sensing > then drag answer code. If you play it by clicking flag:

" Hello"

" What's your name?"

" What's your favorite name ( is using your name that you type in ' What's your name'?"

All code that you drag will be like in top of this paragraph.

Duplicate the code for make it more fun.

Make Variable > drag set my variable under when flag clicked> change ' my variable' to username >drag set variable under ' ask what your name' > click my variable in the ' set , my variable, to 0' > go to sensing then drag answer code to ' set my variable to answer'.

Go to variable, then click ' make a list'. Type ' username' then click > OK. Otomatically. Drag a code ' add thing to username' > go to sensing > drag answer code to ' thing'. Then play it by clicking flag like actually.

Thanks for read my blog, sorry if this blog is to short, but it is okay, cuz 3 day again i'll camping in Ranca Upas and of course i'll make the camping blog.

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                                                      Big Thanks for you all.

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