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Reading Eggspress

Hello guys i will make blog Reading eggspress, i will discuss My lessons, Arcade game, Library, Stadium, Mall.

What is My lessons, My lessons is for you study English, every level has task, if you done do the task you get egg/money for you to buy accessories, pet and more. In every map has total 6 level, 5 study and 1 is quiz. Oh yaa i remember now, every level you done you got 2 card, has 6 choice that is animalia, worldspan, startstuck, arstotek, beastie, and fantastica.

this is my lessons, my lessons is map 6

Now what is Arcade game, hahahaha this game is not like game minecraft or temple run, this game was educational, is very good for you if use Reading eggpress for learn English. More game you play, more vocabulary you learn, and thin you egg/money, hahahaha, therefore, you must more study english in My lessons for add you egg.

play game educational dude

Library, this words is very familiar for you if like read book, Library, as usual in Library you was read book with english language, in Library also can add egg for play game in Arcade game. What is method?..., very easy, you read book, if you done click question icon, and answer the question in the quiz, if you done you also get money/egg and you got card, very amazing. 

i want to read this book and earn egg

Stadium, in Stadium you was race with other people in many countries, 4 total people. In Stadium has 4 option that is Vs the world, Vs the Class, Vs the School, Practice. Vs the world is you race with other people in diffrent country. Vs the Class, usually in Vs the Class was no player want to race, but Who knows??. Vs the School that was same with Vs the class quiet, not have player want to race. Practice, in practice, you exercise to enter Vs the World, Vs the Class, Vs the School. 
i was want to race

Mall, what wait.... you was didn't hear wrong buddy, in Mall you was buy many accessories for you apartement, like house, avatar, pets, and cards. All is have cost, is can use up many egg.
i buy rabbit

All right i'am very sorry if less information about Reading Eggpress, you can try is self. And as usual, bye see you in next blog

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