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Make Animation With Bone Tool (An)

Hello guys, oh yeah just yesterday i've watched Bone Tool Tutorial, so now i'll pratice lesson i got from Bone Tool Tutorial yesterday i watch.

Firsly, open An, and make new animation. After you already done do all i write in here, so i'll explain what animation character will i make, i'll make Stick Figure, ok now look at toolbar we'll choose Brush tool to make the stick figure, first make head, oh yeah i forgot, after you click Brush Tool at toolbar you'll see in bottom of toolbar ( still in toolbar ), if you don't understand, ok first click in toolbar the tool look like your mouse, after that, click again in toolbar tool Brush Tool ( b ), nah you'll see in bottom of menu color picture look like circle inside a square, if that color look brightness click that, mean you're nonactive it.

So, Make circle to be head of stick figure, click in your keyboard Shift, and pull down you Brush Tool to make body of Stick figure, next make hand, same of make body but this is different direction, make a straight line to make hand, oh yeah don't forget to remain a line to make neck of stick figure, ok next, i'll make a foot for stickfigure, make two yeah.

After You Already make the stick figure relook at toolbar, click bone tool if you see it, after you click it let's go bone all the body of stick figure, ( SF, to make me more easy and not too many text, hihi! ) to make you more easier i will make video in bottom of this text ↓ ( because if i write how to bone the stick take more picture for example )

Oke, if you already do like in the video, have fun with your stick figure.

Alright, oh yeah, if you played chess.com, pls enter to my club, named GhaziKathan's Club. Oke, see you next time and bay-bay ( mean bye-bye)

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