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Huion H430P Insipiroy

 Hi, everybody, i'm to review a "Graphic Tablet", Huion. Maybe Huion is made from China or Japan? but i don't know exactly where it from. Ok, i review this Graphic Tablet in bottom of these paragraph.

Huion H430P, i buy with around $23 or $25 dollar, why the price isn't expensive? because, I buy with discount, so from $53 the price change with discount to $23 or $25. Okay, What is Huion Insipiroy H430P Size? the size is 4.8 x 3in, the size is good for Beginner, before you buy Huion Inspiroy H30P, i'm give you a tip for you, to make you comfortable with this Graphic Tablet, the tips is, Look to your table where it have a Computer, the Graphic Tablet must fit to your table, so you look first to your Table.

What Operating System Huion H430P use? Windows, and macOs, both can be use for Huion H430P, i'm use Windows 10 for playing with Huion H430P. Why i'm like this Graphic Tablet? because these Graphic Tablet very use for beginner like me, the size not to big and not to small, the pen is comfortable with me, but now i need a Glove to draw in these Graphic Tablet, even though the layer too "licin" ( in indonesian language).

This Graphic Tablet is also not to heavy, This Graphic Tablet heavy is just...135g, is not to heavy yeah? and this Graphic Tablet thin is 10mm ( milimeter).

Pen is use to draw in Huion is also comfortable with me, but first i use it, is very hard to draw a stickman in Adobe Animate, but now i can draw a Stickman with this pen.

Oh yeah, i buy these Graphic Tablet not without reason, the reason is, i want to earn money with these Graphic Tablet, but...wait, how to earn money with this Graphic Tablet? By way of Pictures, i make some picture that i made in Adobe Ilustrator ( Ai), now i've two picture that'll i send to PngTree.com, i've, a Sail Boat, and a Peach that i made by myself, original, if someone download my picture in  PngTree.com, i'll earn money, 1 dollar per picture, but who is download my pictures isn't spend money 1 dollar to me, but  PngTree.com will give me 1 dollar.

Thanks for Read my blog, good bye, and see you next time.

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