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Celebration Independence of Indonesia.

 Hello guys. How are you today? Are you know about Celebration Independence of Indonesia?

About Celeberation Independenceof Indonesia.

Celebration Indepence of Indonesia commonly, start in 17 August. Independence on Indonesia occurs in the year, 1945. So, if we completed when the Independence on Indonesia is happen, is will be 17 August, 1945. Commonly, the Celebration Independence of Indonesia is, competition. The competition is can be: Cracker Race, Badminton, etc...

Because I'm a Indonesian people, so i celebrate the Independence of Indonesia by join the competition. So, the story ( is the true story) start.

17 August, 2022.

Finally, after waiting for this day, the day finally come. Before the competition is start, I must to cleaning my body.

But, I'm not've a shirt that's nether red nor white. But my father've a shirt that used to bike, the shirt have a Indonesia flag, so my mother told to use it.

I'm leaving home first. Because, usually, my mother if want to go outside must to make-up, and make-up can take almost 30 minutes! I'm go to where the competition will be happen. The competition is in a badminton field.

After arriving at the badminton court, I saw that there were already people. But, it's not full yet. I sat down with Opa Hendra, whose house was not far to my house, just a few blocks away. If you ask, "what competitions might be signed to join."

"I have decided to sign the plane paper, who is the most distant plane paper, he won!"

As a result, Opa Hendra told me, if he also participated in the Airplane Paper competition. Before the competition started, the organizers asked questions ( door prizes, who answered the questions, the committee gave prizes to him). And, in case, my mother raised her hand, wanting to answer the question, and the others also raised their hands.

Fortunately, my mother was able to answer the question easily. So, my mother got the reward. The first competition was, Arangging Plastic Cup. For children, so... Yes, I didn't participate in the competition. As a result, my brother ( Nukman) participated in the competition. In my heart, I was nervous that he would win. But, there is nothing wrong to hope.

Fortunately, brother, win the competition. Won the first place. So, my brother will get a reward in the evening.

The next competition is, Throw Ball, for children. Especially, children who are 5 years old. My sister ( Medina) competed. But, he won the second place! Passable.

The next competition is, Cursing Beads. My sister ( Nukman) and my sister ( Aisya) decided to take part in the competition. They will be equal enemies. Because, Nukman and Aisya are begginers, who only use chopsticks just for this competition.

Unfortunately, Nukman and Aisya lost the competition. But it's natural, because Nukman and Aisya are newbies as I said, "Nukman and Aisya are begginers, who only use chopsticks just for this competition." So, it's only natural that they get lost. In fact, I can say this is an achievement. Because, Aisya ( Nukman won fourth place, so.... He lost), won the third place! But, why do I say this is an achievement? The third place is gone. In vain.

Because, Aisya is a rookie who just used chopsticks 'yesterday afternoon'. But, he can win the third place! Now you can know, why I say this is an achievement.

The next competition is, Tray. Only for girls/women who are only 17 years old. I think, this is the longest competition in the world. I don't think, the Tray competition has a lot of fans.

But, eventually, the competition could move on to the next one. But, before the competition started, the organizers wanted door prizes. My mother, trouble me to join the doorman, so... I was forced to do so. But, who knows... I won the door prize. My first prize. But, it's okay! Paper Airplane Competition!! Before I moved to the long table, the organizers had to call who participated in the Airplane Paper Competition.

Something funny, I was called, "Sir Elman!" But it's wrong! I'm just a student... Perhaps, the organizing committee thought I was a gentleman?

The Airplane Paper Competition begins! I made my Airplane Paper carefully. But, I don't remember to make airplane paper that is fast and straight. So, I made Airplane Paper using the [laughs] feeling.

Hah! Because I made Airplane Paper incorrectly, I lost the Airplane Paper Competition. But, the result... I won the third place! Passable.

After the competition, I played with my friend. Playing with my bike. I played with my friends, played robbers and cops. My friend, Chris, who is a brand of bikes is Polygon, is very fast. I must be hanged to catch him! But, the result is miserable... I can catch it! But.... Before I could catch Chris, my mother told me to go back to the house.

" NO!! I want to go to Suave Night!" I say, in a loud voice. But, my mother kept telling me to follow my dad to go to Jakarta, wanting to COD with whom he ordered someone's phone at Shopee.

So, in the evening, I was forced to join my father going to Jakarta. But, it's not bad anymore. I can do anything that's fun!

Thanks guys... You are reading this blog! Share, Comment, and... Goodbye! See you next week!

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