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Adobe Animate Tutorial! Part-1!

Hello guys welcome beck to my channel, this time i was no one idea for make blog, so this blog maybe short, because remember i not have any idea now, just idea in my mind i will write in this blog!.

How to make Stickman Jump while kick.

allright this is my idea in my mind now, Stickman Jump and Kick tutorial.

Firsly you must open adobe animate dude, if you not opened it, you can't follow my tutorial while you follow my instrucitions, so open the app, wait until it opened, owkay?. First step is click shape look round, what is it, is circle, click circle icon in adobe animate and make the head of stickman figure, make the head don't to big and don't to small, so is medium circle dude, after you make the circle make group, hokey for this is ,f8, remember it owkay. After you done make group the circle, we can next to the next step, Make The animation.

Make The Animation.

Next step is use brush tool to make body, arm, and leg, make the first frame stickman stand in ground, make the body with thin may...until the body size fits on the stickman's head owkay???, if you feel is fits with your stickman head, save the size, and make arm, and leg for the stickman, after you done make that, the first frame is done.

Next Step is make the animation to motion like alan becker. So f5 to make the stickman still stand, f5 just 10 click in your keyboard, i mean f5 must just 10 frame, understood?. If you understood next to next step, make new frame with f6 to make frame with dot in the middle, select all ( Ctrl + A) the stickman body, SHIFT to head, and click deleted in your keyboard, active onion skin.

Owkay Part One is just in here, why?? why just here, because me not have any idea to continued the paragraph, so having a good day. And good bye

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